SP Brewery launched last week its “Keep your Cool, Don’t Drink Like a Fool” drink responsibly campaign. The campaign is developed to educate consumers about responsible drinking to combat the social effects of inappropriate or harmful drinking.

The organization believes that it is through raising awareness of the risks and through active education that responsible long-term consumer behavior can be achieved. Managing Director Stan Joyce said the Brewery is part of a bigger company and globally Heineken aligns itself strongly with the responsible consumption of alcohol.

“The campaign needed to increase awareness of responsible drinking consumption through an emotional connection. Our campaign targets the responsibilities we have to our families and friends.”

The campaign is the culmination of the organisation’s actions over many years to promote responsible drinking and the commitment to it spreads throughout SP team and through to our media and government partners. The Department of Health is extremely supportive of this initiative championed by SP Brewery with Secretary Pascoe saying,

“We embrace partnerships with the corporate sector. To see the brewery being an active leader of a drink responsibly campaign is refreshing. It demonstrates they understand the social implications of excessive drinking and most importantly are prepared to stand up and do something about it! We look forward to more of these partnerships with other organisations.”

SP Brewery is committed to, developing innovative drink responsibly campaigns and enlisting the support of retailers to reduce harmful and underage drinking.

“It is far better to deal with the problem on a long term basis through strong corporate and community partnerships. Banning of alcohol is a short term band-aid solution and only drives the problem underground and creates a black market. We applaud the media and the Department of Health for partnering with us and we look forward to reviewing the effects of this campaign and how we can continue to drive this important message together.” said Mr Joyce.

Sports & Pacific Games Minister Justin Tkatchenko who launched the campaign and shared his delight that SP Brewery, who is one of the country’s major sporting sponsors is spearheading the Drink Responsibly campaign.

“SP Brewery is a great supporter of sports in our community. They have partnered with government to support many of our sporting and event programs and we are thrilled to partner with them on this important drink responsibly campaign.”

Pictured is the (l-r) Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko, NCDC Governor Powes Parkop, SP Brewery Managing Director Stan Joyce and the Secretary for Health Pascoe Kase during the launch of SP Brewery’s new drink responsibly campaign last week.