SP Brewery recently opened its new Brewhouse.  The K84 million state of the art tower structure will enable the company to pursue its commercial interests in providing a quality product to its customers.

Construction began in 2013 and its completion has been due to the tireless efforts of the Ziemann, Beca, Buhler, China Railway Construction and Meura companies.

SP Brewery’s Board Chairman Sir Joseph Tauvasa KBE, said the company takes its social responsibility and reputation very seriously.  He also emphasized that responsible consumption must come from within.

“Responsible behavior from alcohol must come from within individuals, families, communities, and within the nation.”

Among dignitaries present was the President of Heineken Asia Pacific Roland Primez.   Primez further highlighted that Heineken had no doubt of the economic climate in the country.

“Heineken has every confidence in PNG and will continue to invest resources to assist in maintaining our excellent quality standards.”

This facility will be catering for the market in the Southern region.