As part of promoting Enjoy Responsibly Day on September 4, 2014, SP Brewery staff and their families were also given helpful tips on the role alcohol plays in the family setting.

In a lead up to a weeklong of alcohol awareness activities within SP Brewery, the SP Brewery staff compound in Badili participated in a informative session last Saturday 30th August.

The Brewery invited John Indoro from the Burnet Institute to provide alcohol awareness.  He is knowledgeable about the health effects of alcohol and he has experience with creating awareness about responsible consumption.  His awareness within settlements in Port Moresby is focused on young men.

The family session themed ‘How do I talk about alcohol to my kids?’ Anyone with teenage children may be able to relate to this question. How can we make sure that our children receive the right information about alcohol?

SP Brewery will be marking Enjoy Responsibly’day by organizing their employees to visit clubs and bars in Port Moresby, Lae, Kokopo and Goroka to promote responsible consumption. They will be sharing responsible consumption tips with consumers and will be handing out information leaflets and bottles of drinking water to patrons who are consuming alcoholic beverages.  Alternating alcoholic drinks with water is a good responsible drinking tip.

Alcohol dehydrates the body, and by rehydrating yourself with water you do not only stay refreshed, also experiencing fewer hangover effects, but in addition it helps to pace your evening. Drinking less quickly and diluting your alcohol with water will help to make your evening last so that you can enjoy it much longer.

SP Brewery is a partner for the Vision 2050 development blueprint. It provides direct and indirect employment to thousands of Papua New Guineans for 60 years. In addition, it also aligns its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform with the Vision 2050. In doing so, we aim to reform and change people’s mindsets and attitudes towards drinking. This is where we assist to achieve the theme of the Vision 2050 which is to be a Smart, Wise, Fair, Healthy and Happy nation by 2050.

SP Brewery is firmly committed to raising awareness of responsible alcohol consumption in Papua New Guinean society. Responsible consumption means that healthy adult men and women who wish to drink always do so in moderation, at the right time, in the right place, and for the right reasons, and also acknowledge that there are occasions when it is better not to drink alcoholic beverages at all.

Our celebration of Enjoy Responsibly Day is one of the many steps we aim to take to put an end to alcohol abuse and to encourage responsible drinking choices among Papua New Guineans.