Brewer Aids Sisters

SP Brewery’s support to communities during the COVID-19 pandemic included helping local SMEs in Papua New Guinea.

In Kokopo, East New Britain, the Company’s New Islands Regional office reached out to two sisters living with a disability.

Geraldine and Valerie Pulpulis, have a hearing impairment, attend Kabaleo Technical Vocational Education Centre in Kokopo and completed their National Certificate 01 course in Dress and Garment Construction last year. They weren’t able to continue with the National Certificate 02 program this year due to lack of funds. The two girls have taken up sewing as a source of income. They sew masks, meri blouse and dresses and sell online via Facebook.

“I came across their sales through Facebook,” said SPB Regional Sales Manager, Leon Schulz.

“SP Brewery is a big supporter of small businesses, hence I approached the Pulpulis sisters to sew 500 masks, which they are selling at K5.

“We (SPB) donated the masks to our customers (outlets) in the region, as part of the Company’s major roll out of COVID-19 material to our customers in key outlets as well as in traditional trade nationwide.

“Not only are we (SPB) helping the National Government to minimise the spread of COVID-19, we are also supporting SMEs during this uncertain time,” said Mr Schulz.

“We were shocked but quite happy, when SP Brewery approached the girls,” said their mother, Betty Joku.

She said the girls were excited as it was a four day challenge for them to deliver 500 masks.

“I must say we were quite overjoyed because they managed to complete and deliver the masks on time and were paid K2,500. That was their highest single sales since they started sewing and selling locally. I am delighted and extremely grateful to SP Brewery for supporting local SMEs and most importantly, helping People Living with Disabilities,” said Mrs Joku.