COVID-19 Efforts

Health and safety continues to be the number one priority at South Pacific Brewery during the COVID-19 pandemic. In recognition and appreciation to our valued business partners who have also implemented health and safety regulations, were reusable masks, hand sanitizers and awareness material were distributed throughout the country.

Commercial staff were out in full force throughout the country mid this year, delivering masks, hand sanitizers and awareness material focused on COVID-19 prevention.

During the presentation, SPB Commercial Manager, Moses Williams said: “It is critical to ensure businesses continue to operate during this pandemic. A team effort is needed to ensure we protect both our staff and our customers. What we are doing is SPB’s way of saying we care about our customers and we support the Government’s effort.”

In addition, signs containing COVID-19 preventative measures directed at consumers were also displayed at 2000 different outlets nationwide, to drive increased awareness and education. The COVID-19 guidelines outline safety practices and helpful tips and reminders.