Brewery Staff Volunteer in World Environment Day

“Restore the eco-system to save our planet” is this year’s World Environment Day theme, which falls in line with HEINEKEN’s Brewing a Better World (BaBW) Strategy 20-30.

South Pacific Brewery (SPB), an Operating Company of HEINEKEN, was keen to support the Conservation & Environment Protection Authority’s (CEPA) World Environment Day program last weekend, as it stands firm to ensure Papua New Guinea contributes to achieving the BaBW Strategy, in Papua New Guinea.

“This year’s World Environment Day theme is simple in that it focuses on resetting our relationship with nature,” said SPB’s Sustainability Manager, Robert Karl.

“PNG has some of the most pristine forest and marine eco-systems that sustain the livelihoods of our people. But despite our natural flora and fauna, we are faced with challenges like rising sea level, deforestation etc. Therefore, these challenges cannot be ignored.

“Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty and advancing economic growth – these are one and the same fight. We must connect the dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortages, global health, food security and women’s empowerment. Solutions to one problem must be solutions for all.” Ban Ki-moon.

“With these words from the Eighth Secretary General of the UN, we begin to understand the actual scope of actions that needs to be addressed. Events like World Environment Day are, therefore, necessary for us to take action, as well as raise awareness at the global level, accompanied by government actions,” said Mr Karl.

To raise awareness and mark WED, the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA), together with Climate Change Development Authority (CCDA) and National Capital District Commission organized a mangrove planting event last Saturday June 5th 2021, in line with this year’s theme.

As a support partner of CEPA, SPB staff volunteered to participate in the mangrove planting initiative at Alewai village, in Hula, Central Province, last Saturday.

Staff had this to say about the event:

Tynniel Tongiakina

“When you cut down mangrove trees, unlike other trees, they do not regrow new shoots. Take away from this WED-2021 for me is to increase awareness on this fact to my own family and friends “when you cut one down, replant two”. I’d like to thank our Corporate Affairs Department for putting together a cross-functional team to represent SPB in a worthwhile cause.”

Robert Karl

“For myself I learnt a lot of things about the significance of mangroves and how it helps restoring our marine ecosystem. Our Shores and smaller island are the one’s facing the impact of climate change and working in partnership with CEPA to raise awareness on the issue reflects our ambition to be carbon neutrality, Circularity (recycle our waste), save water etc..”

Marlene Joskin

“Thank you SPB for the experience and allowing us staff to participate in a community initiative. For myself, I learnt that mangroves are important to the marine life because mangroves are critical spawning, nursery, feeding and transient shelter areas to hundreds of fish species, crustaceans that support an abundant and productive marine life. Mangroves also buffer the coast and protect it from wave action and storms.”