Fostering Good Leadership in the Public Service

Fostering good leadership in the Public Service and ensuring sound governance policies and practices are embedded in all Government Departments and Agencies is critical if we are to further develop this nation. A strong Private Public Partnership (PPP) is key to encouraging good governance, both at the workplace and in the community.

SP Brewery is the only private company working with the Government to support the Public Service in promoting good governance and leadership through a scholarship program and partnership with PILAG.

We are pleased to note that over 200 public servants have participated in this program since 2017 from the Southern, Momase, Highlands, and New Guinea Islands region.

Recently, (Thursday 03 November 2022), a total of 15 public servants from Law enforcement officers to correctional service officers and health workers, just to name a few, graduated with a Certificate in Leadership and Governance.

Through the SP Brewery Foundation Inc. scholarship program, we continue to set an important benchmark for public service in PNG.

SPB invests K250,000 every year in this program and we will continue to invest in the SPB Foundation Inc. because there is a need to pursue and encourage good governance and leadership in PNG.