SP Brewery has entered 2021 with renewed vigor and determination to ignite its brand (Niugini Ice), by introducing a new look and feel.

The Niugini Ice brand was first launched in 1995. The brand is a result of a unique brewing process, where the combination of extra cold filtration and the use of specially selected hops leads to a very unique flavour and taste – ice, cold, smooth and refreshing.

As one of the country’s leading FMCG company and in line with our focus to ensure we always brew beers of international quality and develop brands that are inspired by Papua New Guinean consumers, the Company is rolling out a revolutionary packaging refresh on its Niugini Ice brand.

South Pacific Brewery (SPB) has for over 69 years produced Papua New Guinea’s favourite beers; SP Lager, South Pacific Export Lager, Niugini Ice, Kundu Lager, Chiller, Paradise Larger as well as distributing HEINEKEN and Strongbow.

Niugini Ice Brand Manager, Shandi Bock said: “The brand refresh covers design changes on all packaging aimed at staying progressive on global standards whilst also having pulse on the evolving trends in PNG. We always ensure the quality of our fine tasting beer remains unchanged and maintains the highest standards.”

“The icon for Niugini Ice is called “The Ice Pulse”. Similar to its sister brands, SP Lager’s “Palm Tree” and SP Export’s “Bird of Paradise”, Niugini Ice’s new brand refresh “Pulse” perfectly represents the brand and its value. The pulse in the middle signifies high energy, the biggest element of the brand, whilst the circle signifies continuance, meaning Niugini Ice will always be a high energy brand needed for any occasion.”

Niugini Ice officially launched its brand refresh with the tag line “#TurnItUp” on Friday 29th January at the Cosmopolitan.