POM Brewery Records 900 Days Without A Recordable Accident

We are proud to announce that South Pacific Brewery’s Port Moresby Brewery achieved the significant milestone of 900 days without a recordable accident. A more than a desirable event, which objectively demonstrates our commitment to a safe work environment.

This significant achievement is the result of the constant drive to adopt best practices and standards to align our company to the most updated safety processes and principles. Our continuous attention to Safety is confirmed by the launching of our revamped Life Saving Commitments in April.

“Safety is our first priority as we want all our staff to go home to their families safely, every day,” says Port Moresby Brewery Manager Coen Oreel.

Coen thanked a group of safety champions who have shown exemplary behaviours which is instrumental in reaching this milestone.

“What all of them have in common is that the next to taking care of their own safety, they also take care of the safety of their colleagues. That is true safety Champion behaviours!

Congratulations to the POM Brewery staff! Keep safe and keep each other safe!”

Looking to the future, the Port Moresby Brewery cannot wait to achieve the next milestone: 1000 days without a recordable accident.