SP Brewery Backs PNGOC with K150,000

Team PNG has received a cheque totaling K150,000 from SP Brewery Limited (SPB), a timely presentation as the PNG Olympic Committee is preparing to send two (2) Team PNG contingents to attend two (2) major international multi-sport events this year.

The K150,000 is an annual commitment by SPB, as part of the brewery’s three-year sponsorship to the PNG Olympic Committee (PNGOC).

SPB Managing Director, Ed Weggemans said:

“Even though we are dealing with trade restrictions and loss of business, SPB is proud to continue our support to Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee for another year.”

SPB has a strong and long-term relationship with the PNG Olympic Committee dating back as far as the early 1980s. The company has supported sports through other marquee events such as the SP Sports Awards, since 1992, in partnership with the PNGOC and PNG Sports Foundation.

This timely financial support will go towards helping Team PNG participate in the Northern Marianas Mini Pacific Games in Saipan from June 17the – 25th and the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games from the 28th of July to the 8th of August 2022.

PNGOC President, Sir John Dawanincura, thanked the Board and Management of SPB for the timely presentation as the PNGOC progresses on its preparedness for the two Teams for the back-to-back Games this year.

“We are grateful to the SPB Executive Board and Management for this presentation and appreciate that it was thoughtfully done well in advance before the two Teams are farewell to the Games in June and July respectively”, Sir John said.

“I also acknowledged the Company’s continued support to PNGOC and Team PNG over the last two years despite the challenges, especially added challenges to doing businesses due to the global pandemic”.

Sir John also commended the SPB for its long-term support to the PNGOC and Team PNG:

“On that note, we also acknowledged and commend the SPB for its long-term commitment and support to the PNGOC over four (4) decades. Securing sponsorship and committing to long-term partnerships is difficult given PNG’s small business landscape and also the current pandemic, thus we are grateful for SP Brewery’s continued support”.

“This commitment has also seen the delivery of the SP Sports Awards since 1992, a partnership that has grown with time and commitment over the last 30 years! Thank you SP Brewery and we look forward to celebrating the achievements of our PNG Sportsmen and women for the next 30 years”, Sir John said.