SP Brewery Limited Opens K6 Million Staff Housing Project

South Pacific Brewery Limited has opened our new-look staff housing complex, refurbished at a cost of K6 million today.

Refurbishment work began in December 2021 and took 8 months to complete. The investment of K6 million into the refurbishment of these residential complexes will now ensure forty-eight eligible staff and their families will be housed in clean, well-maintained, and safe accommodation.

The staff housing compound consists of forty-eight accommodation units: 20 single bedroom units and 28 double bedroom units.

“SP Brewery continuously strives to provide quality staff housing for our people,” says Managing Director Ed Weggemans.

He added, “As the Managing Director of SP Brewery, I have presided over a number of events of importance to the company, but nothing is as important to invest in accommodation, especially in Port Moresby, where the rental rates are high”.

Mr. Weggemans urge the occupants and their families to look after the facilities to benefit them into the future.

The staff housing project will be ready for occupancy next week.