The year 1952 marks a milestone for South Pacific Lager. This is the year the brand went on public sale on November 26th in Papua New Guinea (PNG) for the first time.

Since 1952, SP Lager has been the brand name that is enjoyed by many consumers nationwide, and by visitors alike.

The brand is also seen as a national icon, as it is referred to as the national beer of Papua New Guinea.

Speaking at the official launch of the brand’s 70th anniversary, SPB Managing Director, Ed Weggemans said:

“From the first pour, the brand has journeyed with the nation marking many milestone occasions that have fostered the feeling of national pride and togetherness.

“Through SP Lager’s current slogan “Bungim Yumi”, we continue to build on the value of Brewing the Joy of True Togetherness, both as a brand and Company. This is what makes us uniquely PNG.

With all its diversity, only few national brands can actually bring Papua New Guineans together from all walks of life and that is SP Lager.

“From the first locally hosted South Pacific Games in 1969, which SP co-sponsored; to celebrating the raising of the national flag for the first time in 1975 as an independent state.

“We have also journeyed in the local sporting arena. From the first SP Intercity Cup in 1990 to one of our biggest highlights in PNG rugby league, when the SP Hunters entered the Queensland Intrust Super Cup and then winning the 2017 grand final.

“As a registered PNG company SP Brewery through its SP Lager brand also played an important role in contributing to the PNG economy and the Government’s national purse.

“This journey demonstrates how the brand has been able to withstand the test of time whilst remaining relevant in an evolving market. The brand continues to maintain the same great quality it was back then and is still the beer of choice we all come together to enjoy, regardless of status, region or gender.”

2022 marks the 70th anniversary of the launch of the SP Lager brand. To commemorate this, SP Brewery designed a special logo for the brand. The anniversary logo will be incorporated into all of the brand’s activities in the market, including television advertising, radio, social media and billboards.

The logo is also featured on the Company’s fleet, on-site at the two breweries and on cooling equipment out in trade.

The second part of the year will see the release of a special limited-edition collectable packaging design on both SP Lager bottles and cans.

Today’s anniversary launch saw Mr Weggemans, with four long serving staff, unveil SP Lager’s 70 Years commemorative logo, in the presence of local media and the company’s leadership team.