Chiller is a new range of fruit flavoured beers, brewed to meet the needs of drinkers who prefer sweeter, less bitter alcohol drinks.

    Chiller has an alcohol content of 4.5% and comes in three flavours of PASSIONFRUIT, RASPBERRY and TROPICAL.

    Proudly brewed locally here in PNG with the high quality and consistency you’d expect from SP Brewery.


    Ingredients: Water, malt, hops, aroma, sugar syrup

    Allergens: Barley


    Available in:

    6 pack X 330ml Can/Bottle
    24 pack X 330ml Can


    Nutritional Values

    ABV % 4.5
    Energy kJ/100mL 235
    protein g/100mL 0.3
    fat g/100mL Trace
    carbohydrate g/100mL 7.5
    sugar g/100mL 4.9
    sodium mg/100mL 32

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