SP Brewery recently opened its new Brewhouse.  The K84 million state of the art tower structure will enable the company to pursue its commercial interests in providing a quality product to its customers.

Construction began in 2013 and its completion has been due to the tireless efforts of the Ziemann, Beca, Buhler, China Railway Construction and Meura companies.

SP Brewery’s Board Chairman Sir Joseph Tauvasa KBE, said the company takes its social responsibility and reputation very seriously.  He also emphasized that responsible consumption must come from within.

“Responsible behavior from alcohol must come from within individuals, families, communities, and within the nation.”

Among dignitaries present was the President of Heineken Asia Pacific Roland Primez.   Primez further highlighted that Heineken had no doubt of the economic climate in the co...

To make PNG’s best beers, we need PNG’s best staff.

At SP Brewery we realise that our Human Resources are our greatest assets. Therefore, we have carefully established recruitment criteria and procedures along with training and development programs to assist our employees in reaching their potential.

Minimum entry is Year 12 and above with exceptions e.g. PETT for most Technical jobs and University Degrees for Professional jobs like Accountants and Engineers.

This page provides you with information about career opportunities and employee benefits offered by SP Brewery. If you require further information contact recruitment@sp.com.pg

About Us

For over sixty years, SP Brewery has produced PNG’s favourite beers – SP Lager, South Pacific Export and SP Gold, along with newcomers, Niugini Ice and Johnny Arrow Cider. As the country’s leading manufacturer, we employ over 300 employees who are involved in the brewing, marketing and distribution of our internationally acclaimed products.
Our products have won international awards for taste, product quality and safety standards and we proudly run a series of corporate social responsibility initiatives to ensure the ongoing enjoyment of the fruits of our labour – PNG’s best drinks.