A Thousand Days of Safety

South Pacific Brewery is proud to announce that our Port Moresby Brewery and Lae Brewery have both achieved 1000 consecutive days (2.74 years) without an injury, incident, or accident resulting in time off work at our breweries.

This marks a significant safety milestone for our staff and company.

“Safety is important to us, and we strive to maintain a strong commitment to secure practices for all our employees,” says Port Moresby Brewery Manager Coen Oreel.

This significant achievement is the result of the constant drive to adopt best practices and standards to align our company to the most updated safety processes and principles.

“The first goal of going to work is going home safely and for a thousand days we’ve been able to have no accidents so that is great news,” says Coen Oreel.

He added every day is a new record for the Brewery and reminded everyone that they need to practice safety every day.

Lae Brewery on Saturday 03rd September 2022 also recorded 1000 days without any accidents.

Lae Brewery Manager Stella Ikasa said they are now looking forward to passing their record of 1533 days without any recordable accidents.

In celebrating the significant milestone, Lae Brewery held a small acknowledgment function today.