Brewing a Better PNG

South Pacific Brewery is proud of its’ contribution towards the development of Papua New Guinea.

In line with the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), SP Brewery strives to achieve these three focus area, through its’ Brewing a Better Papua New Guinea vision: People, Planet and Prosperity.

  • People – Brewing a Better PNG is not just about wealth or economic growth though. We also need to ensure we have a positive impact on the culture and People. Our primary opportunity to do this is by taking a lead role in driving a more responsible drinking culture, including attitudes towards drinking and driving. We don’t want to succeed from profit and/or volume if that costs the health or lives of our People. Beer is a natural drink that has made enjoyed people for centuries. However, when abused, it leads to harmful outcomes, hence the need to advocate for responsible drinking and provide real, practical solutions to drive behaviour change around issues like drinking and driving to create a positive, sustainable drinking culture in PNG. Our commitment to People also includes supporting the communities in which we operate and continually investing in training and developing our People.
  • Planet – economic growth, community support and training are fine, but if the air we breathe or the water we drink is not safe, our lives are affected for the worse. Our final commitment to Brewing a Better PNG comes from committing to improving the environment – particularly in regard to CO2 emissions and water – both the water we consume and the water we discharge back into the environment. PNG has some of the areas and cities most likely to be affected by Climate Change and rising sea levels in the years to come. Whilst we can’t control all of this, we do have an important role to play in terms of using and advocating renewable energy and ensuring we minimize our impact on PNG’s water stocks and what we return to the natural environment. We believe we can not only reduce our own carbon footprint and ecological impact, but also inspire the Government and other businesses to adopt more sustainable policies and practices to preserve PNG’s stunning natural environment for the betterment of generations to come.
  • Prosperity – by winning in the market and growing as a company, we create more jobs, directly and indirectly. As the Company grows, so does our contribution to the wider economy.