SP Export Lager Wins Gold

South Pacific Brewery Limited is delighted to announce that it was granted an exceptional Gold Quality Award for South Pacific Export Lager by the prestigious Quality Institute Monde Selection.

This award guarantees that the quality of the product has been tested and approved by a professional jury under rigorous evaluation procedures and strict criteria.

South Pacific Export Lager was granted a 2021 Gold Quality Award from Monde Selection, one of the leading International Quality Institutes led by a panel of 80 independent experts.

“SP Brewery stands by its values: ‘passion for quality’,” said Brand Manager, Miriam Lama.

“As the leading brewer in Papua New Guinea, we continue to aspire to continue producing top quality products to our consumers.

“While this is not the first time for South Pacific Export Lager to win a Monde Award, to strike gold in the 2021 awards is a big achievement. This is a testament of how we value quality.”

Mrs Lama also commended the staff of committed employees who are instrumental in brewing quality products.

“People are at the heart of our business operations. The people who deserve accolades for this gold award are our very own Papua New Guineans working at the Lae Brewery, as well as our Marketing team, here in Port Moresby.”

Monde Selection Managing Director, Dimitri Delloye, said:

“Receiving a Monde Selection Quality Award is an amazing accomplishment coveted by all producers and companies committed to the continuous quest for the best quality results. The blue and gold seal of quality is a powerful instrument to encourage producers all over the world to earn the trust of professional buyers and guide consumers in their purchasing choices.”

About Monde Selection’s approach and Quality Awards

Celebrating 60 years of experience, Monde Selection has established itself as a leading authority in the quality evaluation of consumer products based on organoleptic and scientific parameters. The evaluation process is carried out by a jury of experts composed of technicians, master brewers, and chemical engineers renowned for their knowledge in food science, biotechnology, brewing science and fermentation technology.

To guarantee an objective and comprehensive judgment, each of the jury members are asked to independently and without deliberation fill out a specific evaluation form including up to 20 parameters to establish the quality profile of the product. The jury may also request the execution of advanced chemical laboratory analyses to round out the product evaluation. At Monde Selection, the evaluation goes far beyond regular tastings, as the Beers, waters and soft drinks jury also takes time to share their knowledge and experience while carefully evaluating each individual product without resorting to any comparisons.

The current global situation did not stop over a thousand companies from 90 countries to submit more than 3,100 products in this year’s World Quality Selections.

A press statement from the Monde Selection stated that:

“They used a similar rating system that hotels and restaurants are classified under. Products that fulfil the international quality standards in their category will be granted the award corresponding to their final assessment score.

“The jury members are all external to the organisation and selected on the basis of their professional qualifications, competence, experience, and integrity. When necessary, scientific analyses are entrusted to official laboratories accredited by the Belgian Federal Public Service to ensure that all the commercial claims made by a product are accurate and substantiated by scientific evidence.”

Outstanding products are awarded a quality award based on the various evaluation criteria, with the final evaluation result representing an average of the scores granted by each jury member.

For more information, you can visit www.monde-selection.com