Niugini Ice

    Niugini Ice was launched in 1995 by SP Brewery.

    It is a beer that is tailored to the younger consumers, aiming at staying on global standards and trends whilst also having a pulse on the evolving trends here in PNG.  With the new cool and sophisticated look, we ensure to our audience that we are still the best high energy and party brand in PNG. With Niugini Ice, we can guarantee that you can ‘Turn It Up’ anywhere.

    Niugini Ice is the result of a unique brewing process, where the combination of extra cold filtration and the usage of specially selected hops leads to a very unique flavor and taste: ICE COLD, SMOOTH AND REFRESHING.

    Ingredients: Water, malt, hops

    Allergens: Barley

    Available in:
    6 pack X 330ml Can/Bottle
    24 pack X 330ml Can

    Nutritional Values

    ABV % 5.2
    Energy kJ/100mL 179
    protein g/100mL 0.4
    fat g/100mL Trace
    carbohydrate g/100mL 3.0
    sugar g/100mL <0.5
    sodium mg/100mL 27


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